Fujifilm BLC-XT1 Leather Case for Fujifilm X-T1

A lot has been written already about Fujifilm X-T1 which was released recently. I picked mine up on tuesday 25. february. Today I also picked up the official leather case for the camera, Fujifilm BLC-XT1


The package itself comes with the leather case, a strap and a cloth. 


It mounts to the camera with a screw on the bottom, this also works as a mounting hole for tripod mounts, so you can use the camera with the leather case on a tripod. It is also possible to change batteries with the case still on the camera. Unfortuneatly, you cannot change memory cards because the memory card slot is now located in the right side of the camera and not at the bottom as on the earlier Fuji X models.


The case provides a nice grip on the camera, and protects it further. The X-T1 is already weather resistant. 


I'm not 100% percent happy with this leather case. It doesn't fit as tight as I would like it. And it's a bit unpractical to unscrew the bottom screw to remove it when you need to change memory cards. Of course, it's nice to be able to change the batteries when needed with the case still on.