Adobe Camera RAW color profiles now match Fujifilm X's!

There's been a lot of talk about the Fuji X cameras JPEG engine and the nice colors you get straight out of the camera. It's hard to recreate these colors when processing the raw files yourself. So a lot of people say they prefer the out of camera JPEG's and don't use raw. Especially there's been criticism and complaints about the Adobe Lightroom/Adobe Camera raw engine.  

Well it seems like Fujifilm and Adobe has gotten their act together and come up with a solution , at least when it comes to the getting the right colors, and recreating in Lightroom/ACR the look the camera make for its JPEGS. Take a look at these shots below. They are JPEG created in Adobe Camera Raw using the Astia camera profile, and then the same picture as JPEG straight out of the camera with the Astia profile chosen in-cam.

Can you see the difference? The colors should match really good!

In the camera Fujifilm X100s I chose the JPEG fine, Astia Soft profile, with color, sharpness, noise reduction and so on set to medium/standard setting. No changes at all. Dynamic range 100. sRGB color space.

In Adobe Camera Raw I converted the raw file to Jpeg, using the new Astia/Soft camera profile, and added a little bit of sharpness to match that closer to the in-camera jpegs who get their sharpness added automaticly from the camera. sRGB color space. I later downsized both the camera and ACR jpegs down to 1500x1000 and uploaded them here.

For now only the newest release candidate of the coming Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 version has this Fujifilm X support, but the since same engine is used in Adobe Lightroom we'll see a new version of that programm soon too. You can download the latest release candidate of ACR from here: