Fujifilm X100T first impressons

Going from Fujifilm X100s to X100 T... Well, I didn't plan this upgrade. Actually, I never meant to do it because having the same sensor as my old X100S I  thought the X100T wouldn't be much of an upgrade. I was wrong.

Picture Quality

In terms of picture quality there isn't an improvement, it is the same sensor after all. But if you shoot JPEGS you might find the new Classic Chrome simulation interesting. I shoot RAW, but sometimes I shoot RAW+JPEG and today I did just that to check out the new Classic Chrome JPEGS. It turned out that the lastest version of Adobe Lightroom supported Fujifilm X100T RAW files, and also had a camera Classic Chrome profile which was pretty close to the in camera JPEGS with the same simualtion. There's a possibility that the X100S get a firmware upgrade that adds the Classic Chrome simualtion later on, but so far I've only heard that the X-T1 will get such an upgrade. 

What do I think about the Classic Chrome JPEGS? Not really sure yet. I did some street photography yesterday, and... most of my pictures sucked to be honest. I was in a hurry, I had just picked up the X100T and put in one of the charged batteries for my X100s, a 16gig SD card, and had about 20 minutes to play with the camera until I had to return home. So- don't think I'll post those results here. 

Button Layout

I really dislike the buttons on the X100S, and especially the wheel around the Menu/Ok button. And the rear command switch on the top right on the back I don't like very much on the X100S. I don't feel I have total controll over that one. These details make the X100S a bit fiddly to operate. Maybe it's just me being extra clumsy with my fingers.

Luckily, the wheel around the Menu/OK button is gone and replaced by 4 way selector buttons similar to the ones on the back of the X-T1. But they are much, much easier and better to press than on the X-T1!

The rear command switch is also gone, and replaced by a command dial like on the X-T1. Much better. I feel more in control over the camera now. It's still pressable as a button for fast zooming to check focus.

Direct Control Over The Auto Focus Point!

Also, a setting in the menus allow you the set up the 4 way selector buttons as direct control over the focusing point - meaning you don't have to press another button first to activate the movement of the focusing point. Very nice! A first for a Fujifilm X camera. 

Because the buttons are so nice and easy to press, it's very easy to move the focusing point around. For me it makes a ton of difference because most of the time I don't like to use to "focus and recompose" technique, but rather compose and move the focusing point the the correct place.  The rest of the buttons on the back also have a nicer feel to them than on the X100S. They just feel right. I like the layout on the back better too. 

Back Screen

The back screen has a resolution increase and is really nice. That wasn't so important for me, but still nice to have. It's a bit bigger too. 

Face Detection

The X100S doesn't have face detection. The X100T does. Is it useful? Oh yes! I'm used to face detection from my Fujifilm X-T1, but it is much better implemented on the X100T. First off, selecting face detection is easier. You can set one of the Fn buttons as an On/Off toggle instead of activating a menu and then selecting it. Also, you can move the focus point around with the face detection activated. On the X-T1 only the center focusing point is available if the face detection fails. The face detection also seems a bit faster on the X100T. The face detection on my X100T makes it easier for me to hand off the camera to a friend or family member to take pictures of me or for me when needed.

Focus Peaking

The X100S only has focus peaking in white. On my X-T1 I have set it to High Red, and that works really well. And of course - on the X100T you can also select either white, red or blue.


Well, the X100T has Wifi, the X100S doesn't. I use the Wifi function on my X-T1 a lot, and I'm very pleased that I can do that on my new X100T as well.  Especially when travelling I like the Wifi function to get my pictures from the camera on the internet. But I also use it for remote shooting. Through the Wifi app on your Ipad/Iphone or Android phone/tab you have full controll over the camera, and you can use the screen for touch focusing too.


The EVF has improved refersh rate, especially in low light where it can lag quite a lot on the X100S. Not so on the X100T. Smooth. 

Improved Autofocus

Well, my first impression is that it is a bit faster on the X100T than on the X100S. How much? I have to do further testing. But now it is so fast that I don't thinkt that much about it.

Customize The Q Menu

This is a big one! Finally I can now decide which functions I need on my Quick Menu. So - now I have Flash compensation and Conversion Lens select (I have the TCL lens) on the Quick Menu. But basicly you can put most anything from the main menu on there.

Final thoughts

Well, the upgrade was definately worth it for me. The button improvement was important to me. If you are happy with the ergonomics, the buttons on the X100s, and you don't care for the new functions - well.. keep your X100S and be happy. But I was spoiled by the functions like better focus peaking, Wifi, fast EVF refresh rate and face detection on my X-T1. And now I have all this, and improved autofocus, on my X100T. This is the best Fuji X camera.